About Us

About Us 1

Public Access Golf has been put together by golfers for golfers.

We’re a group of weekend hackers who got sick of searching for good golf courses to play in our area, only to find that every golf website we searched contained dozens of private, members only golf courses. This is probably fine if you are looking to become a member of a club, but we just wanted to know about decent public golf courses in our area.

It was a pain in the you know where to sift through all of the courses, checking their websites, ringing the pro shops, just to find out that you need to be a member to get on the course. There needed to be an easier way to find public golf courses near us and this was how Public Access Golf was born.

We’ve made it easy to find golf courses near you by using Google Maps technology to pinpoint all of the public golf courses in your area, right across Australia. You can search through over 1500 golf courses that are all open to the public.

Our site is still very young and we still require photos and other info regarding lots of courses around Australia, so if you want to contribute to the website please head over to the We Need You page to find out how you can help.

Happy golfing!