Nelson Bay Golf Club

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27 Hole + golf course located in the region

The original course of 9 holes, known as "Tomaree Golf Course", was constructed in 1960 on leasehold land by a consortium of three local businessmen. The Nelson Bay Club was formed in 1962 with an important condition being that non-members are permitted to play on the course on at least 5 days per week. To this day, access to the course by visitors and social groups from all over the state is promoted by affordable rates. The course was subsequently extended to 18 holes and, to maintain water to the 18 hole sand based course, a large dam was sunk below the water table and an automatic sprinkler system installed late in 1970. Following completion of the additional holes, the 18-hole course was officially opened for play in September 1971. rates. After major alterations and extensions a new clubhouse was opened in November 1979. In 1996 it was decided to extend the course to 27 holes to help meet the needs of the visiting golfing public. rates. The official opening of the 27-hole complex took place in April 1998.

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